Those vertical lines reaching from lip to nose are often referred to as the “Barcode” because of their uncanny resemblance in pattern. They are inevitable for some due to genetics, environmental factors or more commonly known for smoking lines.

Although minor, they can age a face dramatically. Plasma Pen is the ideal treatment for this area, smoothing out and eventually diminishing most unwanted lines over the lip.

3 to 4 sessions recommended.



PAIN: Topical Anesthesia used, feels similar to laser, no pain post treatment, just a heated sensation.

LONGEVITY: Approx 4-5 years post 4 sessions.

RECOVERY: Mild swelling on the day and the dots must fall off naturally, taking usually 4-10 days. A surgical concealer is given with the treatment and can be used after 2 days.

COST: €300. Follow up treatments €250

Ready to book in for your treatment?

Ready to book in for your treatment?