Using deep and targeted microneedling, we can loosen scar tissue and help to achieve a smoother surface on the skin. Microneedling penetration activates collagen and elastin production in the skin which will renew damaged skin cells and begin to repair the skin surface.

Acne can leave undesirable scars and pigmentation on the skin after it has subsided, these can be widespread or grouped together, or both. For many the scarring aftermath can be discouraging, negatively affecting self esteem. A course of Acne Microneedling can aid the skin to repair and smoothen closer to its previous condition bringing you more confidence in your skin.

The treatment requires 6 fortnightly sessions of Needling (the skin will have sensitivity and redness for approx 2 -3 days), with two Dermalux LED light sessions fortnightly. Anaesthesia will be applied prior to treatment. There must be no sun exposure to the skin within the 12 weeks scar treatment period.

A consultation is required to access your suitability and plan your bespoke Skin Repair Journey.

Scar Reduction & Smoothing - Lisa Thompson Aesthetics


TREATMENT TIME: 90 mins needling session (including prep), stand alone Dermalux session 30mins

PAIN: Topical anaesthesia used, no pain post treatment, just a heated sensation.

LONGEVITY: Depending on the individual, results will remain once there are no further acute acne breakouts resulting in new scarring.A maintenance session of regular micro needling is recommended every 6 month to maintain skin health and vitality.

RECOVERY: The skin will be sensitive and show mild redness for 48 to 60 hours. Leave the skin cosmetic free for minimum 24 hours. Avoid sunlight for 48 hours and in the 12 week period, the skin must be protected and covered from the sun.

COST: €1150

Ready to book in for your treatment?

Ready to book in for your treatment?