Lumi Eyes is a potent mesotherapy that targets the undereye area. It aims to diminish dark under eye circles, deeply hydrates and fights fine lines & crepey skin under the eyes. It smoothes and tightens the skin under the eyes and gives an impressive brightening effect.

Lumi Eyes is a high-quality injection product based on polynucleotides (obtained from purified salmon milk DNA) that repairs damage to the dermis. It is  a tissue booster and has a proven rejuvenation and cell renewal effect.

The skin will gain energy and freshness, reducing the symptoms of skin fatigue and stress. Stimulation of the skin cells, collagen and elastin allows to delay the ageing processes and strengthens the skin. It improves the firmness, density and quality of the skin.

Dermaren Lumi Eyes stimulates the skin to self-regenerate which is the key to the results of this treatment being so natural. Thanks to the absorption speed there is no real downtime with this treatment, you can return to your normal daily life straight after the treatment. Bruises and puffiness may occur but all are very temporary.

Dermaren Lumi Eyes treatment will show you results after treatment, it is recommended to perform a series of 3 treatments with an interval of 4 weeks for long lasting and maximum results.



RECOMMEND: A course of 3 sessions, 4 weeks apart, followed by a maintenance session every 6 months

RECOVERY: None, the area may be a little puffy for a few hours, mild bruising sometimes

COST: Single Session €200 / 3 session package €450

Ready to book in for your treatment?

Ready to book in for your treatment?