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Yes, this is no problem, once they are Hyaluronic Acid filler and they are not over filled.

Mostly likely yes and yes. Swelling will be immediate and bruising could come immediately but more so ,minor bruising will usually show the next day .

Everyone is different, some clients barely swell and never bruise, so we can’t predict for definite. If you want to learn how to prevent bruising and excessive swelling, read our blog post here.

No, it is uncomfortable. When injected slow, steady and controlled, the treatment should feel like a small pinch and a mild stinging sensation, but not actual pain.

We used topical anaesthetic for maximum comfort.

Yes you can, but make sure the bottles, cups etc and your new lips are hygienically clean as much as you can in the first 6 hours after treatment. 

We use Hyaluronic Acid filler, Hyaluronic Acid is  a component of the human body,  this is why there are no known allergies to pure Hyaluronic Acid filler, however there can be allergies to the anaesthetic in the filler. This can be an acute or mild reaction.

Lidocaine anaesthetic is used in the filler. Lidocaine is used in most dentists and minor surgeries for local anaesthetic, you may be aware already if you have an allergy to anaesthetic.

Yes you can, the cost of a 0.5ml will still be the fee, however if you do not want the full amount in your lips, this is no problem, we can administer less. 

We can discuss and advise what will be best for your lips on your consultation before we start your  treatment.

Yes but your lips have to be suitable for this. We will look at your history of filler, the space and anatomical structure of your lips and the end vision you have for your lip shape and size.

Yes, regularly. Sometimes for volume,  shape and size, sometimes for an extremely minimal and super natural finish and sometimes to correct natural asymmetries.

Both Men and Women come for lip filler.

Mostly yes, would be the answer to this question. If the scar tissue is not overly dense and resistant, we can certainly work with and around it. You must wait 6 to 12 months after a new wound to the lips before getting filler. The time depends on the the severity of the wound and healing time.

No, sorry to disappoint. Age 18 is the minimum age.

No smoking for 24 hours. This increases risk of infection. Drinking alcohol or getting dehydrated increases risk of your filler staying firm and / or getting filler  bumps. It’s best to let your lips heal by keeping them toxin free and super hydrated for as long as you can.

Yes you can ,do not be afraid to book in for an amount of filler and changing it on the day. This happens regularly and is no problem as we will have your consultation before your treatment and decide what is best for you, sometimes we will advise less and sometime more. Everyone treatment is tailored to the individual.

The only lip treatment we cannot decide to change to is the Russian Lip because we need double the time slot, so you will need to book this in advance.

No you don’t, we carry out a consultation on every appointment before treatment. If you are unsure of whether you want to have lip filler and have more questions, then we would recommend booking a consultation, then after some days when you have fully decided, you can book the actual treatment. If you are sure you want Lip filler, go ahead and book your appointment and we will have your consultation on the day.

Facial Fillers FAQs - Lisa Thompson Aesthetics
Yes Jawline filler can help the face look slimmer as it enhances bone structure and gives a more sculpted appearance. If there is excess subcutaneous fat on and surrounding the jawline, it will not make the face appear slimmer, as filler adds volume. It’s important that the Body BMI are in healthy range and the natural bone structure can be felt clearly with the fingers when pressed along and under the jawline line.

Although Jawline filler is used to give a contoured or more sculpted jawline, it is a filler and therefore it ADDS volume to the area, so Jawline filler is not used to hide a double chin as it adds more volume to the area, this is the opposite of what you are looking for.

We would recommend a treatment Aqualyx or Kybella, these are fat dissolving injections and work fantastic for subcutaneous fat below the chin. We don’t offer this treatment, however many Aesthetic clinics in Ireland offer this treatment, you should have no problem finding one!

Jawline filler can work beautifully after the double chin has been minimised.

The Jawline will generally require between 3 and 7 mls. This will differ from person to person, depending on your natural anatomical structure and also the end result you are aiming for.

No. Filler is not suitable for this area, generally Anti Wrinkle Injections, such as Botox or Dysport are used to treat Frown lines and forehead lines / creases.

It’s will soften the creases that are caused from repetitive expressions and/or volume loss. The aim would not be to completely fill out or eradicate these folds, as this will appear unnatural and ”puffy” like, but using filler to lift the lines here gives an all over smoother and softer appearance to the entire face.

Not unless you want it to! Chin filler can be tailored to your needs, we can soften an angular chin, add a soft curve without creating a dominant, sharp appearance. This is all personal preference, it comes down yo how many mls we use and of course the technique.

We will discuss your options on your consultation.

When getting filler for your cheeks,  you will be choosing to enhance your cheekbones for contour, adding fullness to the “apples” of the cheeks or maybe replacing lost volume due to weight loss, ageing or other factors. So this will determine how much you needs for your personal cheek enhancement.

Cheeks are relatively spacious area and so require a significant amount of filler to see and feel a difference. Usually 1ml per cheek would be the minimum amount to start with.

Yes we use Topical Anaesthetic Cream for most treatments to make your experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Yes you can, consultations are free and are 15min time slots. If you are undecided on which treatment is for you and have more questions, feel free to book a consultation.

We would definitely recommend waiting 48hours before flying after your treatment. Flying significantly dehydrated the skin and underlying tissues, Hyaluronic Acid needs to be hydrated to the maximum after your treatment for the first few days.

If you have any complications after your treatment, we cannot see you asap if you’ve left the country, we would always prefer a client to let their new filler settle in its new environment, kept clean and hydrated for two full days before flying.

Face Treatments FAQs - Lisa Thompson Aesthetics

Mesotherapy is not a filler, Mesotherapy is a Hydrating solution that contains vitamins, minerals and amino acid which is injected into the superficial layer of the skin to rejuvenate and replenish the skin.

It varies from person to person depending on your immune system ad this treatment downtime solely relies on your body’s ability to repair.  Generally 6-14 days.  The average person is 7 days.

Plasma pen feels similar to Laser, sharpish like zaps. However we use a suitable topical anaesthetic for Plasma pen for a specific time length to make sure the treatment is comfortable.

Plasma Spray Peel and Dermalux Led light combined yield fantastic results for uneven skin tone and Pigmentation. The process can be repeated every 6 weeks until you are happy with your complexion results. There is a downtime of skin redness for 12- 24 hours and skin flaking for 5-7 days.

In this time you will reveal a new, brighter and renewed skin layer.

This comes down to what type of scars we are treating. Depending on how dense and deep the scar tissue is, maybe its stretch marks ,acne scarring, incision or wound scars, we will choose between microneedling, plasma pen or a combination of both. On your consultation, we will decide the most suitable treatment plan to minimise or eradicate the scar tissue completely.

Yes, we can use a combination of filler and sometimes skin treatments to start to make small physical changes to the face and facial features. We will work with the timing of your own personal changes to harmonise both.
Yes, Profhilo works beautifully to tighten and thicken loose or crepey skin on the hands. You will have small bumps across the hand for 24 hours, this will smooth out and hydrate the skin post 24 hours.

Our Refresh Peel and Plasma Spray peel will treat ageing, sleep lines and Pigmentation on the décolletagé area. Plasma Spray peel has more downtime but is a deeper treatment, so it depends on your personal time for healing.

Both will renew, rejuvenate and brighten the skin. Never forget to apply Sunscreen to your décolletage when exposed, with or without sunshine.

Payments FAQs - Lisa Thompson Aesthetics

Yes you can. We offer easy payment options on all treatments over €84, there is no hidden costs and the repayments can be made every fortnight or every month.

We are partners with Humm Finance. To read more on repayment amounts and see the application process click HERE

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