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Cheek Filler - Lisa Thompson Aesthetics


Cheek Filler can restore lost volume in the front cheek pads or ”the apple of the cheeks” to give a youthful and vibrant appearance.

Cheek filler can also give sculpted high cheek bones to achieve a more contoured and “model” like facial structure.

Jawline Filler - Lisa Thompson Aesthetics


Jawline Sculpting is a procedure where we use Hyaluronic Acid filler to enhance your bone structure, adding size, shape and contour to  the side profile of the lower face and frontal chin.

The amount required depends on your natural facial anatomy and also taking into consideration the ideal result that you are hoping for.

Chin Filler - Lisa Thompson Aesthetics


This is a facial feature that is often overlooked but in fact a slight enhancement to the chin can bring harmony to the face, a subtle change making a very impressive difference.

A defined and beautifully shaped chin will compliment all profiles, front and side.

Jawline Filler - Lisa Thompson Aesthetics


Losing volume in the area from the nose the the corners of the mouth can give a somewhat sunken or aged appearance, causing the cheeks to appear falling,

Filler here will plump out these creases and give an all over softer and youthful fresh look to the face.