Our BOOTYLIFT treatment combines a 4 stage process of:

  • LED Light Therapy
  • Cavitation Fat Melting
  • RF Skin Tightening & Stretch Mark Reducing
  • Lymphatic Drainage

This treatment actively melts fat within the cells on the thighs, it is then transported using a vacuum up to the top of the buttock area where it is reabsorbed into the fat cells of the buttocks, any excess or liquid fat that does not absorb will be taken to the local lymph nodes where it will be eliminated from the body.

The RF skin tightening will greatly tighten and smooth the skin all over , reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. The end result is a more lifted, fuller, rounded bum with smooth, tight skin on both the legs and bum.


LONGEVITY: Results will be achieved after one session, however you will need multiple sessions to get maximum and long lasting results, we recommend 5 sessions
RECOVERY: None, painless with no downtime. It is necessary to drink plenty of water post treatment to aid lymphatic drainage, eat clean foods and including any exercise will dramatically improve results.
COST: €130 euro, 5 session package €599

Ready to book in for your treatment?

Ready to book in for your treatment?