Aqualyx is a solution that liquefies fat cells, destroying them permanently, releasing lipids (fatty molecules) from the cells that are then eliminated through the lymphatic system.

Aqualyx is a powerful lipolysis that targets stubborn areas of fatty tissue with the aim to destroy fat cells in the target area reducing the size and shape of the unwanted fat.

Aqualyx reveals results approximately around the three to four week mark post treatment, results will be seen after one treatment, however two to four treatments may be required depending on the area and person.

Repeat Sessions can be done every 4 -6 weeks.


TREATMENT TIME: 30 – 45 mins

PAIN: Anaesthesia used, mild discomfort.

RECOMMENDED: Follow up treatment after 6 weeks.

RECOVERY: Swelling can be present for 14 days, mild bruising may appear. The area will feel stiff, mildly sensitive for 14 days while the product continues to work. Aqualyx will continue to break down fat cells for 3 to 4 weeks.

COST: €300 per area.

Ready to book in for your treatment?

Ready to book in for your treatment?